Our obsession with diamonds has led us to evolve from diamond mining , right through to the polishing of these amazing gemstones . A diamond undertakes a long journey from its rough form to the brilliant polished diamond we all know.


We have perfected this journey by combining the latest technology, highly skilled workmanship and well founded tradition.

We pride ourselves on only delivering the best product to our clients, forming long standing client relationships by delivering a truly personalised and dedicated service. 

We believe that delivering only the best quality diamonds is the sole way to satisfy our clients, and which is why we are continuously upgrading our polishing facilities and investing it the latest technology.

Our Moto is simple "Perfection on every facet"

Cut Diamond


At Clarity Diamonds, we strive for perfection , and therefore all our diamonds  polished to the highest standards of GIA ( Geological Institute Of America).All our diamonds are certified, ensuring peace of mind when making a purchase from us. We offer our diamonds at very competitive prices, and we ship globally.


Our Commitment and integrity in the diamond trade goes without question. All our rough diamond are sourced responsibly, complying with The Kimberley Process and system of warranties. This guarantees that all our diamonds are conflict free.

Because we are involved in every facet of the diamond pipeline, not only do we guarantee the source of our diamonds, but also the most competitive prices.

Conflict Free Diamonds


Clarity Diamonds boasts cutting edge laser mapping and laser sawing technology. Our dedicated factory is further complimented by state of the art diamond manufacturing equipment ensuring maximum yield and minimum damage to our rough diamonds.

Laser mapping facilitates the planning process by measuring and creating a 3D interactive model of the rough diamond. It can accurately estimate the shape and the yield of the diamond being planned. With the input of our skilled planner, we can accurately determine the purity of the final product. This ensures accurate tracking of the diamond. 

Lazer Mapping
Old World Craftmanship

Laser sawing is fast and accurate, thus allowing for higher productivity. It is fully integrated with the inclusion mapping system, allowing for seamless transfer of data of the planned stone, eliminating human error, and maximising accuracy. At Clarity Diamonds we blend cutting edge technology with old world tradition, providing an amazing journey of the manufacturing process.

Rapnet Diamond Trading Network
European Gemological Laboratory
The Jewellery Council of South Africa


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